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Warren Shaeffer - Knowable

”Doing something for the first time is almost by definition going to be the hardest time to do it. And I think what deters people from even trying is the falicy that the first day experience will be the day 365 experience. And what you have to remember is you're going to get stronger, you're going to get better. If you're trying to write a book, your first draft is not going to be the best book, but you can't get to that final draft without a crappy first draft.”

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Warren is the Co-founder and CEO of Knowable, an immersive audio platform with expert-led courses focused on helping people learn new things, and accomplish life goals.

During our discussion, Warren and I touch on how learning is evolving today in a society where free time is so short.

We also look at how companies can produce actual value for their consumers in such a noisy world, and how aligning priorities with their users gives teams a big advantage.

And finally, we’ll look at how companies like Knowable are experimenting with different ways of working and investing in their people for the long haul.

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Warren Shaeffer - Knowable

Show Notes:

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My name is Derrick Franco, I am an entrepreneur and engineer who focuses on building companies that help people, with teams all over the world.

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