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Warren Lebovics - Pequity

”Millennials and Gen-Z expect a lot from their work because right now their asked to do it all day every day. Right? So if you're in a world where you're connected to your work 24/7, then yeah, it's fair to expect it's a positive experience.”

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Warren Lebovics is a designer, startup advisor, and co-founder of Pequity who has worked on a wide variety of projects for companies like Blackberry and Sony, but also has lead design at a startup that was acquired by LinkedIn.

During our discussion, Warren and I will look at how curiosity and passion are the catalysts for doing amazing things. We’ll also take a deeper look into culture, and how his past companies like LinkedIn succeeded by investing in their people and their environment. And finally, we’ll dive into how today’s workers have been affected by technology and an always-on mindset.

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Warren Lebovics - Pequity

Show Notes:

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