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Tom Nearing - Marius Group

”My advice to you really isn't going to change. I think what you need to do as canidates and as job seekers is actually the same as it was before, but you have more time to do it now. What I tell people is you have to tell your story.”

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Tom Nearing is a recruiter who is part of the Marius Group, one of the top recruiting groups in Los Angeles. During this special episode focusing on the COVID-19 crisis, Tom dives into recruiting and coaching advice to anyone job hunting during this pandemic and gives insight into how you can use this extra time to your advantage. We also take a closer look at how online communities are coming together to help those affected by the economic downturn. And finally, Tom and I speak about how working remote is much different during a crisis, and how parents like Tom are managing work and family life during this pandemic.

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Tom Nearing - Marius Group

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