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Taylor Dixon - Taylor Lou Coaching

”The biggest challenge when you are your brand, when you are your business, is navigating the dance between showing up authentically and also showing up as an expert. The way you're showing up online should be intentionally crafted to exude a certain message. But at the same time, I know you people who struggle, and I even struggle with, the thinking of 'Am I showing up authentically enough?'”

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Taylor is a business and lifestyle coach based out of Austin, Texas who works closely with a wide range of entrepreneurs. Through her programs and retreats, Taylor helps her clients align their business, and themselves, with their true passions to build brands that scale in today’s fast pace world.

During our discussion, Taylor and I look at some of the difficulties that entrepreneurs she works with face, and how she helps her clients take their businesses to the next level. We’ll also take a deeper dive into how her experience addressing burnout helped her to pivot and rebrand her own business into one that allows her to help more people.

And finally, we’ll look closer at some of the challenges that come along with building an online business through social media.

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Taylor Dixon - Taylor Lou Coaching

Show Notes:

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My name is Derrick Franco, I am an entrepreneur and engineer who focuses on building companies that help people, with teams all over the world.

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