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Sargun Kaur - Byteboard

"We're looking into this purview of what an engineer does everyday and we think this is what technical interviews should assess for. You don't want a contrived process that doesn't actually relate to the skills you're practicing on a day to day."

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Sargun is the Co-founder and CEO of Byteboard, a company that has redesigned the technical interview process to evaluate for ability, not access and privilege. Sargun was previously a software engineer at Google before founding Byteboard within Area 120, Google’s in-house incubator, and this year she and her co-founder were honored on Forbes 30 under 30.

During our discussion, Sargun and I look at how the current technical interview process fails to accurately assess for core skills, and how she and her team are working on a unique solution to help fix it.

We also take a look at how inequity and biases play a major role in the hiring process, and how these issues affect not only who gets an interview, but how far along they get in the process.

And finally, we’ll discuss the importance of representation in tech and how founding a startup is truly a test of will and not just intellect.

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Sargun Kaur - Byteboard

Show Notes:

Sargun Kaur

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