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Salman Ansari - The Polymath Playbook

"When I started researching I ran into this extended version of the quote that goes, 'A jack of all trades is a master of none, but often times better then a master of one' and it completely flips the meaning. Now you can debate on which quote was said first but that doesn't matter, because there is a perspective that someone that masters a few things is going to be far more powerful then just someone who is mastering that one thing."

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Salman is a tech founder who has worn many hats over the years. From working as an Engineer and building a company that was later acquired by Oracle, to writing, teaching, and even DJ-ing, Salman has a deep focus on embracing his inner Polymath and following his passions.

During our discussion, Salman and I dive deeper into his recent article, The Polymath Playbook, and look at why society today pushes specialization vs mastering multiple domains.

We also look at how pursuing multiple passions and projects build up mental models that help you adapt and think differently to give you distinct advantages in many areas of your life.

And finally, we look at how writing can be used as a tool for discovering new ideas, building relationships, and helping make sense of all the noise in today’s crazy world.

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Salman Ansari - The Polymath Playbook

Show Notes:

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