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Phil Brody - WRDSMTH

"There's no way when you're older you're going to think I shouldn't have chased my dreams"

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Today I have the honor interviewing Phil Brody, more commonly known as the LA-based street artist WRDSMTH.

His work aspires to inspire others on a daily basis and has lead to him growing the WRDSMTH brand into a massive internet sensation with his vintage typewriters found in cities all across the globe.

During our discussion, Brody and I look at how he went from his corporate job in advertising to pursue writing and eventually diving headfirst into the world of street art.

We also take a look at how taking chances, constantly reinventing yourself, and chasing your passions can lead to multiple opportunities and a more fulfilling life.

And finally, we take a look at the different ways we can inspire people to pursue their passions in a world that often seeks to crush creativity.

A quick note for context, this interview was done in February of 2020 before the initial Coronavirus lockdown

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Phil Brody - WRDSMTH

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