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Matt Newberg -

”20% of deliveries right now are new consumers, and many of them will continue using delivery, so that will accelerate the growth for off premise and be a further nail in this brick and mortar restaurant coffin. It's hard to put that back in bottle. As much as people want to have these rich offline experience I think they have to retrain for a while on this new normal”

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Matt is the founder of, a new media platform exploring how technology is shaping the way people eat. HNGRY’s FAST(ER) FOOD documentary took a deeper dive into ghost kitchens and the changes that have come about because of them in the last few years. During our discussion, Matt and I dive deeper into how ghost kitchens and delivery are changing the food landscape. We’ll also look closer at how COVID-19 is affecting restaurants today and how this crisis will change behavior post quarantine.

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Matt Newberg -

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My name is Derrick Franco, I am an entrepreneur and engineer who focuses on building companies that help people, with teams all over the world.

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