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Katherine Dumanoir - Amazon + UDaBathBomb LLC

”If your are doing something out of the goodness of your heart, or if you're doing something to help someone and it completely fails, there's nothing terrible that can really come from it except a learning lesson or maybe you figure out how to be more strategic next time. Either way it's a growth opportunity. For me planning an event, the worst case scenario was I embarrass myself, but the best case was we get these people here and something amazing comes from it. Once you get over that hurdle once, and things don't blow up in your face, it gives you the confidence to keep going.”

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Katherine is a recruiter for Amazon who is truly one of the most genuine people you’ll ever meet. Her passion to help others has lead to building a wide variety of amazing projects helping students and new graduates. From networking events to help students connect to employers, to a new bath bomb company that hires students and focuses on giving its proceeds to mental health organizations, Katherine is always exploring and building new ways to help others.

During our discussion, Katherine and I dive deeper into how her passion to help others originally lead to her creating her networking groups, and how she used her creativity to build the events from the ground up. We’ll also look at how her compassion and being genuine helped her amass a large following on LinkedIn and why her post resonated with so many people.

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Katherine Dumanoir - Amazon + UDaBathBomb LLC

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My name is Derrick Franco, I am an entrepreneur and engineer who focuses on building companies that help people, with teams all over the world.

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