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Kaitlyn Knopp - Pequity

”When we talk about this return to work, there's a difference between return to work and return to office. We're talking about the spontaneous interactions that people have, we're talking about the small moments where connection happens. This helps drive innovation, it helps drive better communication, it helps better initiatives more seamlessly happen...But a return to the office is just that, a return to a physical location and that's all it would be. People would not want to work next to each other with this virus out there, they would probably try and avoid each other, and that would just force them into a stressful situation. What people really mean when they say return to work is a return to those spontaneous situations”

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Kaitlyn is the founder of Pequity, a digital compensation platform that is aiming to combat pay inequality and help de-complicate compensation for HR teams. Her past experience running HR and compensation teams includes time at Google, Cruise Automation, Instacart, and Lockheed Martin to name a few.

During our discussion, Kaitlyn and I dive deeper into how companies HR teams are attempting to handle all of the craziness caused by COVID-19 We’ll also take a look at how the sudden shift to remote has caused companies to rethink how they offer and manage salaries as talent flees areas like San Francisco. And finally, Kaitlyn dives into how companies can manage layoffs and help employees that are furloughed through a mindset of humanity and compassion.

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Kaitlyn Knopp - Pequity

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