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Danielle Strachman - 1517 Fund

"4 years in school didn't seem that long because there weren't other choices. And so likewise it would be like if you had a car to drive across the country, and before that you had to be in a horse and buggy, the car would seem like the obvious choice to do. But then as soon as the airplane comes, the car is really slow! And it's like that in higher ed, it's like the car going across the country but if you wanted to do a startup and you have something you can build, that's like the airplane! So why would I tell you that you have to take the car across the country when you can do it 5 hours in a plane?"

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Danielle a founder and general partners of the 1517 fund, A VC firm that invest in makers, hackers, and scientists working outside of traditional institutions. Danielle was one of the founding members and director of the Thiel Foundation, a fund and program that gave $100k grants to entrepreneurs under 20 years old as an alternative to college. She also cofounded the Innovations Academy, a project based charter school working to help students have more purposeful learning.

During our discussion, Danielle and I dive deeper into how building innovations academy, and the Thiel foundation, helped shaped the 1517 fund’s philosophies of investing in young minds, and how it has already lead to some amazing results.

We’ll also take a look at the current educational system in America and how colleges are no longer set up to help students succeed like they were in the past.

And finally, we take a look into the Invisible College program and how Danielle and her partners are giving students amazing opportunities during these crazy times.

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Danielle Strachman - 1517 Fund

Show Notes:

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