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Chris Thompson - TruBrain

"A lot of times what happens to people in an amped up state, is that they fire down on all angles and then when they look back on the day they are like 'Oh well I did a ton, but did I really focus on what really matters?'. And not only that but that has an equal and opposite valley on the other side. You're borrowing from a future state"

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Chris is the Founder and CEO of TruBrain, a Nootropics company based in Santa Monica that has created a product to help provide direct focus and energy to the body and mind.

During our discussion, we dive further into how Chris built the TruBrain brand and how his partnership with neuroscientists at UCLA lead to a unique formula to help increase the body’s natural cognitive performance.

We also take a look at how their team’s neuroscientists studied brainwave states to learn more about our brain’s peak mental state, and how Ketones and micro fasting and how can help improve both focus and energy levels naturally.

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Chris Thompson - TruBrain

Show Notes:

Andrew Hill Ph.D.

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