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Amanda Goetz - The Knot

”I think the biggest trend is this shift on people vs office. I just keep thinking about all these videos I used to watch where I was like 'Oh this company has the coolest cafeteria or this company has nap pods' and now I'm like 'What are their mental health benefits?'. How are they making sure that in this always on world that they are focusing on the people.”

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Amanda is the VP of Marketing of The Knot Worldwide which is one of the largest global wedding companies today. She leads PR, partnerships and product marketing strategies across the company’s international brands and previously was the founder of an availability software in the wedding space.

During our discussion, Amanda and I touch on how brands are navigating today’s social media landscape and the importance of producing meaningful content vs chasing influence. We’ll also take a deeper look at how companies can build amazing cultures by investing in their people, shifting mindsets towards micro flexibility, and establishing trust from the top down. And finally, we’ll dive deeper into how a culture of empathy and honesty makes it possible for working parents to handle the challenges of modern life today.

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Amanda Goetz - The Knot

Show Notes:

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